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Our History

SIB, as a mission organization, was formed in 31 August 1928. The English equivalent is the “Borneo Evangelical Mission”. In her unique history, SIB was initiated in the interior of Borneo. Later, through urban migration churches were planted in town centres. SIB exists as three independent yet related bodies, namely SIB Sarawak, SIB Sabah and since 1995 SIB Semenanjung. In SIB Sabah, there are over 500 churches both in the interior and in towns. Membership number over 100,000.

Some of the early missionaries who came were Frank Davidson, Carey Tolley, Hudson Soutwell and Alexander Henderson. They were young graduates from Melbourne Bible Institute. Their work which began in Sarawak was extended to Sabah in 1937. Initially run by the BEM missionaries, the church was handed over  to local charge since 1976.

Of over 500 churches, the majority of these are located in the interior, mainly B.M. churches. However, there are a few English churches mainly in K.K. and other town centres, of which SIB Likas (E) is one of them. We began in 1979 with a group of 12 English Speaking members meeting in rented premises. This small group, which included the present Senior Pastor, grow at a rapid rate. On 1st September 1986, the church moved to its present location.